Friday, 20 September 2013

John McCain’s beautiful J’accuse

McCain's hypocritical diatribe in Pravda today is such a beautiful piece. Whilst Putin addressed the  Americans as adults in New York Times, McCain decided to treat the Russians as ignorant infantiles. ‘Tis so beautiful it reads like the antithesis to Emile Zola’s J’Accuse. Of course, contrary to the frustrated French Jews and progressives being emboldended by Zola’s masterpiece, the anti-Putin strands in Russia – who were perhaps emboldened prior to the publication – must be despondently frustrated after reading this Arizonian work of genius. With friends like these, eh? In the face of such marvellous gobbledygook, even Magnitsky and Politkovskaya might have backed Putin.

McCain: the 21st century Zola 
There is no point in labouring on the mind-boggling hypocrisy that McCain’s article constitutes. This has been, and is being, abundandtly commented on throughout the media. I just hope more people would see the sheer magnificence in McCain trying to win the Russians over by telling them that that they are stupid, that their leader (who they’ve elected) is stupid, that he (McCain) understands Russia – probably better than the Russians (because they are stupid) – and knows how Russia should be best governed (whilst seemingly oblivious to the Russians remembering the last time the US gave them advice on governing – and the oligarchical evisceration of Mother Russia that ensued). 

All you commentators denouncing this piece as vacuous bigotry, try to appreciate it for the stuff of legend  it actually is. You go, McCain!