Saturday, 19 April 2014

SONG: "Trouble" (Trubbel)

Original: Olle Adolphson. English translation (and rendition): Andrei Liberec

1.The fields are glistening now of all the summer flowers,
The bees are buzzing, birds are singing, everywhere,
But as the summer breeze pass through the trees' lush towers,
my garden sits here, cold and gloomy and uncared...

2. ...for, here’s as ugly, withered, overgrown and brushy,
as in my heart, just hopelessly dreary and grey,
Out there, the air smells fair of all the scents of summer,
Out there’s the summer, but in here the fall holds sway

3. I led a happy life here, with you and my felines,
A life of sin with no intention to be saved,
at peace with my character’s ease, cause I could never,
say no to anything that came along my way

4. Never denied myself whatever was on offer,
Lived life, until that day you crushed me callously,
it all began, with you running with another,
a man you claimed far more refined than plain old me

5. Our row went on for weeks, the tears mixed with the roars, and
I was thoroughly compared with your fine friend,
till you confessed, that he had just, shown you the door, then
all things fell silent in my garden here again

6. And from that day, I say, that man was du(al)ly hated,
As a pastime, he’d played around with me and you,
And yes somehow I felt I’d also been rejected,
Wanted to fight, and went to meet my Waterloo

7. I stood all set with the hammer under my jacket,
as he appeared in all silk scarf and said “'Sup?”
“Why don’t you come in for a while, for a chatter?”
I stuttered something, but I can’t remember what

8. And I was served Cuban cigars and finest brandy,
Which I just couldn’t force myself to say no to,
And as we parted, we were chums, the best of buddies,
And I brought things that you had left back home to you

9. I roam around in my Pompey, amid the ruins,
I stumble through the bits and pieces of my life,
but you shall never give me stick ‘bout things pecuniary,
And never shall you be some other man’s pastime

10. Of times gone by, we both will tie, new wreaths of beauty,
and take my felines and our life just as they are,
and ‘spite all love-lacking, and raggedness and fraying,
Thou I shall love, throughout my life, with all my heart